Donate Today to the Hersch Leib (Louis) Steiman Memorial Fund for University Yiddish and Judaic Studies

Due to financial constraints at the University of Manitoba, its Judaic Studies Program is now at risk. Successive budget cuts have reduced its funding to a level where the program depends on external funding. Key courses in Yiddish and Hebrew language and culture can be offered only if subsidized by private donors. 

In response to this crisis, the Steiman family have established the Hersch Leib Steiman Memorial Fund in support of Yiddish and the Judaic Studies Program at the University of Manitoba. This fund is being held at the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba.

Hersch Leib (Louis) Steiman (1873-1954) was founder of the Dominion Garment Company as well as primary founder of the Lubavitcher Synagogue on Magnus Avenue in Winnipeg’s North End. This endowment fund will honour his memory and contribution to the Jewish community of Winnipeg. Donations to it will serve to preserve the language and culture of his generation of Jewish immigrants who arrived in Canada and the USA at the dawn of the 20th century. Their contribution to the arts and culture of North America is engrained in today's storytelling, music, and sense of civic responsibility. By ensuring that courses in Yiddish and Judaic Studies at the University of Manitoba continue to be offered, the Hersch Leib Steiman Memorial Fund will help preserve and maintain the legacy of this generation and will ensure students access to its riches.

Hersch Leib [Louis] Steiman

Hersch Leib Steiman, ca. 1947

Second Family of HLS (002)

Hersch Leib and Fanny Steiman Family, ca. 1943
Top L-R: Morris, Fanny, Hersch Leib;
Bottom L-R: Rose, Chana, Layka


Hersch Leib & Hannah Rhina Steiman Family, ca. 1910
L-R: Mary, Hersch Leib, Hannah Rhina, Max, Jack, Clara, Mike


Hersch Leib Steiman and Sons, ca. 1948
Back L-R: Jack, Henry, Morris, Leslie;
Front L-R: Mike, Hersch Leib, Max

Help Preserve the Language and Culture of Hersch Leib (Louis) Steiman's Generation

Awareness of Jewish culture and history is fundamental to the maintenance of Jewish identity. For this awareness to remain vital, access to the sources of Jewish culture and learning must continue to be made available. How else can students explore and appreciate the richness and meaning of their Jewish identity?

The purpose of the Hersch Leib Steiman Memorial Fund is to ensure a steady stream of income for the University of Manitoba’s Judaic Studies Program, and help keep this program alive - in particular its Yiddish-related components. In order to generate the income necessary to support one full course or its equivalent for one academic year, the fund would require a capital balance of $400,000. Accordingly, the ultimate fundraising goal is $400,000.

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