Who is the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba?

The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba is a public foundation that manages a growing asset base that exceeds $160 million. The Foundation pools gifts from generous donors and permanently invests them. The Foundation only distributes income earned by the investment; the capital asset base is never touched. Since its inception in 1964, the Foundation has distributed over $95 million in grants and scholarships in Winnipeg and across Canada.

The Foundation provides opportunities for donors like you to realize your philanthropic dreams while strengthening the Jewish and general communities of Manitoba.

Your gift to the Foundation will sustain and enhance a myriad of programs, services, and charitable agencies across the province and help ensure a strong and viable future for all Manitobans. Your gift to the Foundation will be your lasting legacy.

The Foundation works closely with our donors to match their philanthropic goals with community needs. The Foundation provides careful and thoughtful leadership in the community, promotes dialogue, builds partnerships, and connects generations. It will ensure gifts will have maximum impact.

All gifts to the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba are invested in perpetuity. Each year, the income from these gifts is returned to the community in the form of scholarships and grants to charitable organizations, community programs, and projects.