Endowment Fund Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.  What is the JFM’s practice for publicly recognizing funds? 

  • All funds are listed on the JFM website.

  • New funds established each year are highlighted in a JFM quarterly newsletter.

  • The JFM MAY contact you for permission to highlight your fund on social media.

  • All NEW funds with a contributed capital balance of under $1,000 are listed in the JFM Annual Report one time only, in the year they are opened. The only exception to this is the Bar/Bat Mitzvah funds which are always listed, irrespective of balance.

  • When a fund reaches a balance of $1,000, it will be listed in the JFM Annual Report every year in its respective section or category.

  • All funds with a balance under $1,000, opened before January 1, 2016, are considered grandfathered and are listed in the ‘Legacy Funds’ section of the Annual Report.

  • Once a grandfathered fund reaches a balance of $1,000, it is moved from the ‘Legacy Funds’ section and is listed in its respective section or category alongside the other funds of $1,000 and above.  

Q.  If I have a fund under $1,000, is there a time limit to raise my fund to the $1,000 level? 

No. There is no time limit for fundholders to raise their funds to the $1,000 level in order to be listed within their respective section or category in the JFM Annual Report. 

Q.  Can I still open a named fund for under $1,000? 

Yes. Donors are still able to open new undesignated funds, special interest funds, and organizational endowment funds for a minimum of $100. The only difference is where they are listed in the Annual Report. 

Q.  I have multiple funds; can I amalgamate them to form one fund? Can I change the name of my fund? 

It may be possible to amalgamate multiple funds or change the name of your fund, but a staff review must be undertaken first and Board approval may be required. To make such a request, please contact Marla Aronovitch, Director of Operations & Grants at the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, by telephone at 204.480.7557, email at [email protected] or toll-free from the US/Canada at 1.855.284.1918. 

Q.  Why does the JFM differentiate between funds under and over $1,000? 

Our original practice of listing all funds in the JFM Annual Report of $100 and above was instituted in 1964. Over 50 years has passed, and we have never raised this minimum. We need to adapt our practices to reflect the changing philanthropic culture of the greater community.  

The JFM is the second largest community foundation in Manitoba. The largest provincial community foundation, the Winnipeg Foundation, has a minimum fund buy-in of $2,500. 

By implementing this new practice, our hope is that it will encourage fund holders to top their funds up to the $1,000 threshold. This will produce more monies going towards organizational endowment funds, special interest funds, or grants and scholarships. In other words, this will allow the JFM to continue to realize its vision of an enduring and vibrant community. 

While we are adapting to changing times, it is important to note that we welcome the establishment of new named funds with a minimum contribution of $100.  

Q.  I have more questions. Who can I contact at the Foundation office? 

For more information about JFM funds please contact Laurel Hogan, Donor Development Associate at the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, by telephone at 204.477.7462, by email at [email protected], or toll-free from the US/Canada at 1.855.284.1918.