2022 Signers

Roy Birnboim and Chaim Birnboim
Bonnie Cham & Lorne Bellan
Heather & John Diamond
Belle Jarniewski
Judith Lavitt
Naomi Levine

2021 Signers

Sandra Caplan
Miriam Kohn
Dorothy Kotler
Ian Rabb
Donni Stern
Jeanette Zimmer
Harriet and Alex Zimmer

2020 Signers

Sheri Cohen
Toby Morantz
Adam Nepon
Laura Richman
Sandy Tapper
Lottie Tartell



Thank you to all who attended the 2022 Endowment Book of Life Signers’ Brunch. The success of this event is a direct result of their unwavering support. We waited three years to see each other in person to celebrate these inspirational signers and it was everything we hoped it would be!

Please get in touch with our office if you would like more information about the Endowment Book of Life initiative or to become a signer.