In 2017, the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba was proud to distribute $135,700 to 59 Education Award and Scholarship recipients.

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2017 Education Award and Scholarship Recipients

2017 General Educational Awards:

Orit Agbayev
Alon Averbuch
Gilad Hanan Binnun
Oren Chaim Binnun
Vlad Bitner
Arielle Block
Rachel Block
Shira Brand
Marlee Cantor
Thea Chernick
Meir Cohen
Adi Farage
Michal Fraiter
Yael Gelfman
Zachary Greenberg
Sophia Hershfield
Justin Hoffer
Daniel Iluz
Hadas Kempner
Ariel Levine
Jessica Lezen
Joshua Neil Lieberman
Jacob Love
Ezequiel Lubocki
Micaela Mandelbaum
Miriam Mazor
Daniel Meyers
Samantha Miller
Eial Mozes
Hillary Nepon
Jessica Pennock
Samara Pereles
Alissa Rappaport
Piper Riley Thompson
Tal Sherepanov
Alex Shogolev
Tamar Silver
Maxim Skorodinsky
Anastasia Tsivin
Tal Tufeld
Natalie Zamick
Ethan Zipman

These scholarships are awarded to Jewish students to continue post-secondary education. Consideration is given to academics and community service.

2017 Judaic Studies and/or Studies in Israel Awards:

Maya Budman
Ethan Chernick
Deena Heidingsfeld
Uma Jacoby
Baillie Shuster

These awards are given to individuals to encourage them in their pursuit of an education in Judaic studies or studies in Israel.

2017 Mark & Dorothy Danzker Scholarship Recipient:

Cora Eaton

This scholarship is awarded to an individual in a post-graduate degree program based on their academic achievements and contributions to their community.

2017 Ruth & Joe Freed and Stephen Freed and Family Academic Excellence Award Recipient:

Ariel Glikman

This award is given to an individual who has demonstrated consistent academic excellence and a commitment to the Jewish community.

2017 Mona Gray Creative Arts Scholarship Recipient:

Elliot Lazar

This scholarship is awarded to an individual pursuing graduate studies in an arts-related program.

2017 Joel A. Weinstein Memorial Scholarship Recipient:

Alexa Smith

This scholarship is awarded to an individual who is pursuing their education in Israel and who has demonstrated academic excellence, a commitment to the Jewish community, and volunteerism.

2017 George Finkle Memorial Scholastic Award Recipients:

Stephanie Kalo
Valeria Kolomiyets
Maya Miller
Haviva Polevoi
Jochebed Seyoum
Alice Shmigol
Sophie Wynne

These scholastic awards are given to Jewish high school students who are beginning post-secondary education.

2017 Saul & Claribel Simkin Centre Family Education Award Recipient:

Adam Stoller

This education award is given to the child of a long-serving Simkin Centre employee to assist with his or her post-secondary education.

The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba thanks the donors who have made our academic awards possible:

  • The Israel & Babs Asper Charitable Fund
  • Cecilia Asper Fund 
  • Associated Retail Grocers (A.R.G.) of Winnipeg Fund 
  • Helen & Bernard Atnikov Fund 
  • B’nay Abraham Sisterhood Scholarship Fund 
  • Samuel & Mary Badner Memorial Scholarship Fund 
  • Ziona Bellan Memorial Scholarship Fund 
  • David & Esther Birn Family Fund 
  • Molly & Charles Chapman Educational Fund 
  • Phyllis & Saul Chochinov Memorial Fund 
  • Clara & Morris Teplitsky, David Teplitsky and Bertha & Harry Schwartz Memorial Fund 
  • Sarah & Jack Cohen Fund 
  • Meyer & Rita Cosman Fund 
  • Mark & Dorothy Danzker Perpetual Trust Fund 
  • George Finkle Memorial Scholastic Bursary 
  • Harry Fishman Scholarship Fund 
  • Rivke Fleisher Memorial Scholarship Fund 
  • Ruth & Joe Freed and Stephen Freed and Family Academic Excellence Awards 
  • Rube & Sharon Ganetsky Educational Fund 
  • In Memory of Chana Rivka Goldstein 
  • In Memory of Joseph & Dvora Goldstein 
  • Dr. Philip & Edah Goldstein Memorial Fund 
  • Mona Gray Creative Arts Scholarship Fund 
  • Rita Gunn & Greg Mason Scholarship Fund 
  • Susan & Sandor Guttman Scholarship Fund 
  • Jewish Women’s Musical Club Fund 
  • In Memory of Mico Kaftal 
  • Harvey & Sima Kay Scholarship Fund
  • Jim & Syble Klady Fund 
  • Orah & Soody Kleiman Educational Fund 
  • Deena Kravetsky Memorial Yeshiva Fund 
  • Dr. & Mrs. Paul P. Krolik, DDS Endowment Fund 
  • Lazar & Chana (Annie) Mozes Scholarship Fund 
  • Sharon & Mel Myers Fund 
  • Marym & Izzy Peltz Fund 
  • Harvey L. Pfeffer Scholarship Fund 
  • Pilat Family Fund 
  • Alfred & Rosalie Richman 
  • Eli Ross Fund 
  • Berte Rubin Fund 
  • Berte Sarner Rubin in memory of Benjamin & Sara Sarner
  • Max & Jean Ruder Perpetual Scholarship Fund 
  • Allan Sair Scholarship Fund 
  • Chancellor Harvey L. Secter Scholarship 
  • Saul & Claribel Simkin Centre Family Education Fund 
  • Ari Schaefer Bar Mitzvah Fund 
  • Miriam Atnikov Segal Scholarship Fund 
  • Serebnitski Family Fund
  • Patty & Jack Sherman Memorial Fund 
  • Minnie Shore Jewish Education Scholarship Fund 
  • Annice Shreiber Fund 
  • Barry Snaper and Sharon Oberlander Family Fund 
  • Ann Springman Memorial Fund 
  • Rose & Moe Sucharov Jewish Education Fund 
  • Hana & Pinchas Vinchelstein Memorial Scholarship Fund 
  • Joel Weinstein Memorial Scholarship Fund 
  • Winnipeg Jewish Orphanage