How We Operate

The Foundation has always operated under the mandate to receive capital gifts, which remain intact in perpetuity, invest them, and then distribute the annual income back to the local community, as well as to national causes. The income supports an array of organizations and individuals involved in: 

  • Education
  • Arts and Culture
  • Health and Social Services
  • Jewish life
  • Recreation
  • Religion
Donors can direct the income from their funds to designated causes or they may choose to have the Foundation disperse the proceeds where they are most needed, in the form of grants or scholarships. There are various types of funds administered by the Foundation, which allow the donors flexibility and creativity in making their philanthropic decisions. Prudent investment policies ensure that the distribution potential of each and every fund is maximized.

Low Administration Costs Ensure Maximum Charitable Support

The Foundation’s excellent fund management expertise, return-on-investment performance, and controlled management costs deliver maximum community support each year. The Foundation allocates a small portion of its income to management costs and re-invests part of the income earned from funds each year to maintain value relative to the rate of inflation.