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The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba is a public foundation that manages a growing asset base that exceeds $125 million. The Foundation pools gifts from generous donors and permanently invests them.

The Foundation only distributes income earned by the investment; the capital asset base is never touched. Since its inception in 1964, the Foundation has distributed over $55 million in grants and scholarships in Winnipeg and across Canada.

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August 15, 2019


JFM Incentive Program Aims to Inspire Donors

by Stu Slayen | Mar 31, 2017


The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba is launching an incentive program designed to inspire holders of smaller endowments to grow their funds to $1,000.

Under the terms of the “Race to 1,000” program, the JFM will match a donor’s gift by 50% (to a maximum of $250) to bring the fund balance to $1,000. If a donor’s fund sits at $400, for example, a new contribution of $350 will trigger the maximum JFM match of $250, bringing the total to $1,000. 

The $1,000 threshold is significant because starting with the 2017 Annual Report, all funds opened after January 1, 2016, with a minimum balance of $1,000 will be listed annually. New funds can still be established with $100, but will only be listed in the year they are opened. 

“This is an exciting opportunity to re-engage with fundholders,” says Marsha Cowan, CEO of the JFM. “We’ve set aside $25,000 to fund the incentives. We see this as an important re-investment of capital. Matching programs are growing in popularity across Canada’s charitable sector, and our own experience has shown us that our donors like the idea.” 

For JFM Chair Anita Wortzman, the “Race to 1,000” is a meaningful expression of the Foundation’s new strategic plan. “Our goal is to grow our assets so that we can have an even greater impact on the community going forward,” says Wortzman. “As a Board, we are eager to run innovative programs like this to inspire people to become regular contributors.” 

The “Race to 1,000” promotion runs now until July 18, or until incentive funding runs out. The initiative excludes Bar/Bat Mitzvah Funds, which already operate under a matching program. For more information, or to make your gift, contact Marla Aronovitch, Grants & Distributions Officer, 204.480.7557; Canada/U.S. toll-free 1.855.284.1918; or at marla@jewishfoundation.org.