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Thanking Front-Line Staff - Simkin Award Lightens Family's Load

by Stu Slayen | Mar 31, 2017

In 2008, Sheila and David Brodovsky, their brother Harvey Brodovsky, and friends Catherine (Kady) and Maurice (z’’l) Tauber launched the Saul & Claribel Simkin Centre Family Education Fund. Their parents – Nellie Brodovsky (z’’l), Ethel Pierce (z’’l), Dr. Maurice (Moe) Pierce (z’’l), and Samuel Tauber (z’’l) – were all residents of the Sharon Home and then the Simkin Centre for varying periods between 1997 and 2009.
Through hundreds of visits over many years, the Fund’s founders were moved by the hard work and tender care offered by so many front-line nurses and aides. 

“We wanted to do something special for the people who work at the Centre,” says David Brodovsky, “so we set up this scholarship program as a way to express our gratitude for the kindnesses extended to our parents and to us.” 

Since the Fund opened, a number of other donors have stepped forward and the Fund now sits at close to $70,000 and provides an award of about $2,250 annually. 

The Fund awards the children of long-service employees the opportunities to pursue post-secondary education. The award is based on financial need, academic achievement, and community involvement. 

In 2016, the award was presented to Danielle Bolo, a dental hygiene student at the University of Manitoba. In 2014, her sister Chantelle received the same award to advance her microbiology studies. The sisters are the daughters of Lyndon Bolo, a healthcare aide with the Simkin Centre for nearly 10 years. 

“I’m very proud of my daughters,” says Bolo. “The awards have been helpful financially, and they have also been a great honour for my family. I feel like part of the family at the Simkin Centre and I’m grateful that this award is available.” 

“I’m very happy that this fund has grown,” says Brodovsky. “I’d encourage all Jewish organizations in the city to set up similar funds to recognize long-serving staff. The key is to promote it well to inspire donors and applicants.” 

To learn more about the Simkin Centre Family Education Award, click here.


The Bolo Family (L-R Lyndon, Danielle, wife Nora, Chantelle)