JFM Gathers Winnipeggers in Toronto – There’s No Such Thing as a Former Winnipegger

by Stu Slayen | Dec 22, 2016


The Jeanne’s cake said “There’s No Such Thing as a Former Winnipegger.” The guests simply said “Wow!” 

On October 23, the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba held a brunch in Toronto for people who used to live in Winnipeg. The event was hosted by Brenda and Martin Gurvey at their condominium complex; about 70 people attended. 

“People were very excited to be there,” says Marsha Cowan, the Jewish Foundation’s CEO. “We know from our ongoing communication with people in Toronto that their connection to Winnipeg runs very, very deep.” 

The event was staffed by JFM personnel Rob Berkowits, Marla Aronovitch, and Zachary Minuk. The program featured Winnipeg treats, a Winnipeg souvenir bag, plenty of reminiscing, and a presentation that stirred up nostalgic feelings and shared exciting information about the state of the community and the city today. 

“For a few years, we’ve been reminding our out-of-town donors and fundholders that ‘there is no such thing as a former Winnipegger’. This event proved that,” adds Cowan. “We’ve had great feedback and a lot of questions since the event about ways to contribute to the Foundation.”