JFM Board Member Spotlight - Becky Kaufmann

by Stu Slayen | Mar 19, 2019
“Rarely a week goes by when I don’t bump into someone who stops to tell me how kind my late parents Celia and Mike Kaufmann were—how they helped people and made a difference in people’s lives. My Dad was particularly inspiring. He was a Holocaust survivor, eager to strengthen our community as a leading volunteer and also as a business professional. I also hear beautiful anecdotes about my Zaida Dave Thompson, who came here in 1889, and was a pillar of the community. I come from phenomenal people, epitomes of the word “mensch”. Their legacies and lessons have shaped my passion for community service since I was 14. I have passed this onto my two daughters. Whenever I make a decision, I ask myself: would this make my parents and children proud? I am a proud Winnipegger, and am grateful that my ancestors helped to build our community’s facilities and organizations—cornerstones of community life. For me, the Jewish Foundation is today’s cornerstone. Its strength and growth convey that there will be a strong future—just like my parents and grandparents dreamed of!”

-Becky Kaufmann
  • Member, Development & Gift Planning and Distribution Committees;
  • Former Chair, Women’s Endowment Fund Grants Committee; 
  • Winner of a 2006 Shem Tov Award (Winnipeg Board of Jewish Education); 
  • Former Board and Committee Member, Rady JCC;
  • Committee Member, Arab Jewish Dialogue