New Process; Greater Impact - JFM Outlines Changes to General Community Grants

by Stu Slayen | Mar 19, 2019
“It’s all about making a difference,” says Freda Steel, Chair of the JFM’s Grants Committee. “We looked at how we were distributing grants to the general community and believed we could do better.”

Starting in 2020, the JFM will be accepting grant applications from general community organizations once a year, with a June 30 deadline. Currently, the Foundation manages two granting cycles a year, a system that will end with the upcoming June deadline.

“By accepting applications once instead of twice, we will be able to make more substantial grants to worthy initiatives,” says Steel. “This increases the likelihood that organizations can get their projects fully funded. Our support could be leveraged to generate more funding. Simply put, we will have a greater impact.”

Another change is that organizations will have to complete their projects and expend their JFM grant before applying for a new grant. This change is expected to open the door for more organizations to receive grants.

General community grants are awarded to organizations outside of the Jewish community that help Manitobans of all backgrounds.

“What helps the whole community helps the Jewish community. We are part of the whole,” says Steel. “I’m proud that our Foundation reaches out to all Manitobans.”