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by Benji Winestock | Aug 19, 2019
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“I recently moved my Bar Mitzvah Fund to the Camp Massad Endowment Fund, and increased the balance with a gift of stock that I had saved up. I care about Camp Massad very much and like the fact that Gabi and I can support it permanently through our endowment. Massad was my home away from home for 15 summers, both as a camper and counsellor. The camp gave me so much and it makes me very happy knowing that our fund will help other kids have an incredible Jewish summer camp experience. I’m very grateful that my parents set up a Bar Mitzvah Fund for me a long time ago. They made this possible and started me on a journey of tzedaka.”   
Benjamin Winestock, Jewish Foundation of Manitoba Fundholder
Benji and Gabi Winestock Family Fund