Annual Forever - Federation policy directs bequests to JFM

by Stu Slayen | Apr 01, 2020
In 2019, the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg/Combined Jewish Appeal received nearly $400,000 in bequests. Thanks to a policy shift at the Federation in 2018, those estate gifts will have an impact forever as they are added to the Federation’s Leave More Than Memories Fund at the Jewish Foundation.

“I remember years ago we received a bequest for $30,000 and it went into the campaign for the year we received it,” recalls Elaine Goldstine, Chief Executive Officer of the Federation. “The gift certainly had an impact that year, but it was that donor’s last gift. The bequest could have had an even greater impact over time had it been endowed. The new policy directs every bequest to our endowment fund and helps our donors leave a legacy.”

The Leave More Than Memories Fund was established at the Foundation in 1989. It was seen as a way to help Federation donors support the CJA annual campaign in perpetuity. The fund balance has exceeded $5.6 million, which generates over $200,000  for the annual campaign. As the fund grows, so will the annual distribution to the CJA campaign.

“The Leave More Than Memories Fund is a valuable component of our annual campaign,” says Joel Lazer, Federation President. “By directing bequests to the endowment fund, our donors’ generosity will continue to pay dividends to the community and our beneficiary agencies forever.”

Since the policy was enacted, Goldstine has had favourable feedback from executors and family members of the deceased.

“I think as a community we see the importance of supporting our community’s agencies and programs through the annual campaign,” she says. “Through the Leave More Than Memories Fund, a donor’s gift can last forever.”