Raising the Curtain Once Again

by Josh Kerr | Dec 20, 2022

WJT Returns to the stage in 2022

All industries were hit differently by the pandemic, and each had to find ways to continue their operations in new circumstances and environments.

For the arts and culture industry, this meant shows could not be on the stage with an audience. This year the curtains opened again, and the Winnipeg Jewish Theatre (WJT), a JFM grant recipient, was finally back live and in person.

During the pandemic, with the help of a JFM Grant, the Jewish theatre made its first foray into digital productions. They took one of their most well-received pieces and recorded it for online consumption.

The online shows gave WJT a way to create a community atmosphere for their performance while awaiting the time they could return to the stage again.

That time came this year when WJT returned to the stage with their production of Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story. This undertaking was supported once again by a JFM Jewish Community Impact Grant.  

“Pretty much every season for the past few years, we’ve had support for our productions from the Foundation,” says Sam McLean, WJT’s General Manager. “The grant support we receive really allows us to do more.”

Each year, the Foundation helps WJT in several ways. In addition to supporting productions, the Foundation provides grant support for many aspects of its work, from specialized costumes to upgrades to lights and stage equipment.

In addition to grant support, WJT has an Organizational Endowment Fund established at the Foundation. As friends of the Winnipeg Jewish Theatre make their gifts to their fund, the resulting growth provides a reliable yearly source of funding the organization can rely on.

To support the Winnipeg Jewish Theatre’s Organizational Endowment Fund or for more information on Organizational Endowments, please contact Laurel Hogan, at 204.477.7462.