Leading by Example

by Josh Kerr | Sep 21, 2023

Glazerman family creating a giving tradition

“I’m a big believer in charitable giving, specifically legacy charity giving.”

Daniel Glazerman, a financial planner by trade, moved out of Winnipeg in his mid-20s, settling in Toronto, where he now lives with his wife and two children. Despite moving away from Manitoba, he still loves where he came from and proudly waves the Winnipeg Flag.

Recently, Daniel began working with his mother and stepfather, Philipa and Aubrey Caplan, initiating discussions about their estate planning and future thinking. As they chatted more about these things, their philanthropic goals for today and the future came into view.

“I wanted them to be involved in this conversation while they are alive and well. Many people don’t necessarily think about charitable giving during their lifetime or think about giving down the line as we age,” explains Glazerman. “In [Philipa and Aubrey’s] case, I decided it was necessary to talk about these decisions today rather than tomorrow.”

Their professions were a clear sign that both giving back and the happiness and well-being of others were at the front of their minds. Philipa worked with McDonald Youth Services for 18 years before retiring, and Aubrey practiced as a pediatrician working with children with disabilities.

In 2022, Philipa and Aubrey moved to Toronto to be closer to their children and grandchildren during retirement after spending their lives to that point in Winnipeg. Daniel explains that it made wonderful sense for them to give back to the community in Winnipeg; despite moving cities, it remains a part of them.  

“I had the privilege of introducing them to John [Diamond] and watching them learn from him the benefits they can reap from having a donor-advised fund,” says Glazerman. “From a donor-experience perspective, it was so easy. So much of the heavy lifting is already in place, and it is just a seamless and easy conversation learning about the benefits of having their own fund.”

With their donor-advised fund, Philipa and Aubrey have the flexibility to support organizations of their choice in the community, and ultimately, down the road, their fund’s income will be used for the most critical needs of the community.

Although the creation of this donor-advised fund is the initial connection point for Philipa and Aubrey, Daniel already had a connection to the JFM.

After his father passed away in 2000, they established an award at the Foundation to honour him and his involvement in the community. Each year at the Rady JCC Sports Dinner, the Idy & Max Nusgart Memorial Jewish Athlete of the Year Award is given out, and the winner receives a bursary from the Fred Glazerman Memorial Fund.

“Leading by example creates the right behaviour for your children to see,” says Glazerman. “It’s so important that they understand that giving back, creating a lasting legacy, and supporting those that need it is essential.”