Board Member Spotlight: Chloë McComb

by Josh Kerr | Sep 22, 2023

Entering her first term on the JFM Board of Directors, Chloë McComb is excited for this next step and eager to get started in her new role. A long-term volunteer at the Foundation, Chloë spent 10 years as a part of the Women’s Endowment Fund Grants Committee, including several as Chair.

“It has been so rewarding, and such a privilege, to be part of the team that reviews grant applications from all over the province,” says McComb. “I teach at an all-girls school, Balmoral Hall, so the correlation is really nice.”

Chloë has also been a member of the JFM Distributions Committee since 2021. Philanthropy has always been front of mind for her and her family. Getting involved with committees and now a step onto the Board fall neatly in line with that.

Chloë and her husband, Sam Lazareck, have three children: Julia (15), Dylan (13), and Ben (10). Each of them has Bar/Bat funds at the JFM and is active in deciding which organizations the funds support each year.

“Every Friday night, our family does tzedakah,” explains McComb. “For our wedding, our gifts went to the Jordan Lazareck Fund. The idea of giving back is always present at home.”

Chloë and her family continue to be actively involved in supporting the Jordan Lazareck Special Needs Fund. The fund and its distributions are close to their hearts and have been something she and her children are proud to support. The fund, created by her mother-in-law, has been active for almost thirty years and has contributed over $850,000 to the special needs community since 2010.

On moving to the Board of Directors, Chloë says she is excited to take on the challenge and learn more about the role as the months pass.

“I hope to continue learning about the Foundation and contributing as much as I can to the Board and the community.”