Meaningful Milestones

by Josh Kerr | Dec 15, 2023

An endowment with the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba offers a lasting impact when considering charitable giving. Your initial gift grows over time, providing perpetual support for community needs.

For example, a fund established with the JFM in 2000 has generated a cumulative distribution from the past 22 years equal to the original gift, and the distribution will continue. Once a fund reaches this level, it pays for itself.

Community donors who establish a perpetual endowment at the JFM may do so with the confidence that their gift will be stewarded appropriately. The annual income earned from their endowment fund results from best investment practices by the Foundation’s Investment Committee. The JFM also engages a professional investment advisor for oversight. The result is a predictable annual cash flow to community organizations.

"We know that there are many places where philanthropic people can give their support," says Foundation CEO John Diamond. "At other non-profits, the total amount of a person's donation can be seen immediately in the project they're helping to fund. Contributions to an endowment fund are done with patience and the knowledge that their support builds slowly over time."

The Foundation's commitment to distribution spans endowments of all sizes, from $100 to $10 million, each eventually achieving cumulative distributions equal to their original gifts. Regardless of the amount, every fund contributes to the community's well-being for generations.

"One of the things that is so beautiful about contributing to a Foundation, in any capacity that you can, is that it will be helping for the long term," says Diamond. "A gift made in 2023 will still generate distribution for the community in 2033, 2043, and 2093. No matter the size, it will still add up, always."

Endowment funds encourage a culture of philanthropy, motivating individuals and organizations to contribute to the betterment of our community by supporting causes they care about.

Establishing an endowment fund ensures that the money people choose to invest in the community will help organizations that need it beyond today. It keeps philanthropy on their minds and their family's minds year after year, reaffirming a culture of paying forward to future generations.