Searching for Security

by Josh Kerr | May 14, 2024


This February, Danial Sprintz, Executive Director at Camp Massad, approached the Foundation in need of help. The camp was in the midst of applying for a government grant that required raising matching funds that they had not yet been able to secure through other avenues. This grant would provide important updates to the camp's existing security measures.

"We went around the community trying to find help reaching the minimum requirement; we were looking for help," Sprintz says. "But we were stuck, and that's when I spoke to Marla [Aronovitch] and John [Diamond] at the Foundation, and the next day they called back saying they were able to help."

With a March 31st deadline to raise the matching dollars needed to receive the Government of Canada's Securities Infrastructure Program Grant, JFM boosted Massad toward its goal with an initial grant covering roughly one-third of the required funds.

To build on that momentum, Sprintz continued to plan with the JFM on how best to find the remainder of the funds. Collectively, it was decided that the camp would embark on a focused campaign as a final effort.

Explaining the situation's urgency, Camp Massad put the message out to their community and alums for donations.

"We put that out on Friday, and we were done by Wednesday," Sprintz says. "The response from the community was extraordinary. We sat here in disbelief at how fast we reached the goal."

In the end, nearly 80 donations came in to help raise the remainder of the funds needed to earn the matching grant.

"We had people donating who hadn't donated in a decade, some who had never donated at all," he says. "The response from the community and the Foundation, jumping in so quickly, was heartwarming."

Jumpstarted by the grant from the JFM, community members were inspired to act, helping Camp Massad reach their goal with time to spare. The new security enhancements will cement Camp Massad as a safe haven for the community, reflecting the spirit of unity and support that prevailed during this endeavour.

In addition to the JFM's contribution, our donors with Donor Advised Funds were also able to contribute to Camp Massad's campaign. For more information on Donor Advised Funds, contact Laurel Hogan, Donor Development Associate, by email at [email protected], by telephone at 204.202.7438 or toll-free from the US/Canada at 1.855.284.1918.