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In 2015, the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba received a bequest from the estate of Irma Pennz’’l. Her bequest asked that a portion of the annual income be used for Jewish education. In order to find a project or projects that will best fulfill this donor’s objective, the Distribution Committee of the Foundation has decided to create the Irma Penn Jewish Educational Grant Pilot Project. This committee will be accepting proposals up to $35,000 in order to find a qualified project to fulfill our donor’s wishes.

The goal of the Irma Penn Jewish Educational Grant Pilot Project will be to fund a project or projects that:

  1. has/have a strong Jewish educational component;
  2. is/are innovative, creative, new, bold and exciting;
  3. will have a lasting impact on the Jewish and/or general community in Manitoba; and
  4. has/have never been attempted before due to the unavailability of funding for such a venture.

Submission Guidelines & Requirements:

  • Only organizations with prior experience in the area of that being proposed should make submissions in response to this request for proposal.
  • Organizations must list at least two projects that demonstrate the ability of the organization to carry out the proposal.
  • Two letters of reference should be included.
  • A technical proposal of no more than five pages must be submitted and must provide:
    • an overview of the proposed project as well as the résumés of all key personnel performing the work;
    • a proposed schedule and milestones as applicable. In addition the proposal should include a description of the evaluation procedure including direct and indirect measurements of success and impact; and
    • a project budget of no more than four pages. This budget proposal should indicate all expenses related to the project as well any revenues from other revenue streams if applicable. (Applicants should state if they are applying for multi‚Äźyear funding.)
  •  Proposals must be signed by a representative who is authorized to commit to proposal on behalf of the organization.
  • If the organization has a standard set of terms and conditions, please submit them with the proposal. (All terms and conditions will be subject to negotiation.)
  • Proposals must remain valid for a period of 150 days.
  • Submission should include a plan for sustainability should the project prove to be successful.

Please note
- the deadline to submit proposals for the Irma Penn Jewish Educational Grant Pilot Project has now passed. Thank you to all who submitted proposals.