Grant FAQs

Below are answers to some of our frequently asked questions about JFM grants.

Community Grants FAQs

  • Can I apply for a grant if my organization does not have a registered charity number?

    Only registered charities are eligible for grants from the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba.
  • How much funding should I be requesting?

    There is no minimum or maximum amount, however it should be noted that the average grant amount is $8,000.
  • My project will be starting before the decision is made by the Foundation. Can I still apply for a grant?

    Grants are not made to projects or programs that are already in progress at the time of the grant application.
  • What if I do not submit all the required information?

    The Foundation will not consider the application unless it is complete.
  • What should I do if the audited financial statements aren’t completed yet?

    You must provide an interim balance sheet and income statement that is as current as possible. Submit your most recent audited statements and forward the more recent statements when they are complete.
  • How do I save my application? How can I access it when it is in progress?

    The fillable application form is automatically saved to your account.  You can access the application as many times as you wish before submission. Once the deadline has passed you will not be able to access the application.
  • Will you notify me when my on-line application has been received?

    We will send you an email confirming that the application has been received.  The application will then be reviewed and you will be notified if we require any further information.
  • How do I submit an application to the Jewish Foundation?

    All applications and required attachments must be submitted electronically via our online grants application process. No faxes or hard copies will be accepted.
  • Can I apply for a program that is ongoing?

    There is a limited amount of funds available for Jewish organizations to apply for ongoing programs.  There is no separate application.  The Grants & Distribution Officer will determine if the application should be categorized as an on-going application.

    Previous successful applicants include: March of the Living, Tarbut, PJ Library, Winnipeg Jewish Theatre, (play development) Kaufman Silverberg Resource Centre (books & DVDs), and Yom Ha'atzmaut Celebrations.
  • Do we need to create an account to access and complete the application?

    Yes. All grant seekers must create an online account to access the online application. You will receive an email confirming you have created an account.
  • What does a complete application include?

    In addition to answering all of the required questions in the General Organization Applicant Information, Project Summary and Project Information sections of the application, a complete Community grant application must include the following:

    • Program budget 
    • Organizational operating budget
    • Audited financial statements - if unavailable, send balance sheet and income statement for most recent fiscal year
    • List of Board of Directors
    • Two quotations if required
  • Why do you need financial statements in order to consider a grant?

    The Board and staff of the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba serve as stewards of our generous donors’ funds and, therefore, must have confidence that the investments we make in organizations are sound. The audited financial statements are reviewed to determine the financial stability of each organization.
  • If my organization does not have audited financial statements can we still apply?

    Yes.  If your organization does not have audited financial statements, submit a balance sheet and income statement for the previous six months of operations.
  • How is funding determined?

    Applications are evaluated by the Community Grants Committee, which is made up of a diverse group of community volunteers with expertise and knowledge of the community’s needs, non-profit management, and sound business practices. Each member reviews and scores each application.
  • Does the JFM award full and partial grants?

    Yes.  As there is a limited amount of grant monies available the committee will often award partial grants.
  • If I apply for a Community grant, may I also apply for other grants?

    Yes. If you apply for a Community grant you may also apply for a Women's Endowment Fund grant should your project meet the criteria of a WEF grant. The JFM will however, only fund a project once.
  • Is it possible to speak to someone before submitting an application?

    Yes. Marla Aronovitch, Director of Operations & Grants, is available should you have any questions. She can be reached at 204.480.7557, toll-free from the US/Canada at 1.855.284.1918, or by e-mail at [email protected].
  • How much grant money is available?

    The amount of monies available varies from cycle to cycle.

    Jewish Community Organizations $650,000 (spread over 2 cycles)
    General Community Organizations $70,000 (available once a year)

  • When are grants awarded?

    Funding for cycle one will be announced at the end of April and funding for cycle two will be announced at the beginning of October each year.