Welcome to the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba.

Funding the future. Changing lives.


The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba is a public foundation that manages a growing asset base that exceeds $125 million. The Foundation pools gifts from generous donors and permanently invests them.

The Foundation only distributes income earned by the investment; the capital asset base is never touched. Since its inception in 1964, the Foundation has distributed over $55 million in grants and scholarships in Winnipeg and across Canada.

Your gift to the Foundation will sustain and enhance a myriad of programs, services, and charitable agencies across the province and help ensure a strong and viable future for all Manitobans. Your gift to the Foundation will be your lasting legacy.


Your gift will support our youth. Without it, a child misses out on a lifetime of memories.

Your gift will instill Jewish values in our next generation. Without it, a child wil not receive a Jewish education.

Your gift is a lifeline to our seniors. Without it, a senior's dignity is lost.

Arts & Culture
Your gift is a stage for our artists to perform. Without it, the curtains will close.